10 cosas que no sabía hasta la semana pasada

1. New York may be “the city that never sleeps”, but its pedestrians only rank eighth in a global study of walking pace.

2. Termites are a kind of cockroach, according to the Royal Society’s Biology Letters journal.

3. Denmark is the happiest country in Europe; Italy the unhappiest, according to a study carried out by Cambridge University in the UK. (Spain was 10th out of 15.) Contrary to popular belief, Mediterranean countries are actually the most unhappy in Europe, with countries in Scandinavia, Ireland and the Netherlands scoring highest both in terms of happiness and life satisfaction.

4. Chocolate is better than a passionate kiss, causing a more intense and longer-lasting buzz, and doubling the heart rate.

5. A quarter of Russia’s economy is currently owned by only 36 men. Fifteen years ago everything in Russia was owned by the state.

6. Lithuania is the most dangerous place to drive in the EU; Malta is the safest, in terms of deaths on the road. (Spain comes 10th, and is safer than Austria, Ireland, Italy and Belgium).

7. Men bitten by the Brazilian wandering spider can experience long and painful erections – a condition known as priapism.

8. If Sicilian children are naughty, they are told the “the Catalans will come and get them” – an historical relic of Catalonia’s medieval Mediterranean empire.

9. Spencer Perceval is the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated (by John Bellingham, on 11 May, 1812 – 195 years ago today)

10. Apes communicate with gestures that have different meanings depending on the context – a chimpanzee with an extended arm and open hand may be begging for food, asking a female chimp for sex or reconciling with a male after a fight.

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