10 cosas que no sabía hasta la semana pasada.

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1. The average office desktop harbours 400 times more bacteria than the average office toilet seat, according to a study carried out by the University of Arizona.

2. Women’s desks have 3 to 4 times the amount of germs as their male colleagues, according to the same study.

3. The standard adult McDonald’s meal from the 1950s is still sold all over the world – you’ll be familiar with it as the Happy Meal now served to children, as a child’s size portion.

4. Only 7% of Spaniards still take the traditional midday siesta.

5. Barcelona is the world’s number one city for gym and sports club membership. Fully 20% of its citizens pay monthly fees to such clubs.

6. The smiley face was invented in 1963 by Harvey Ball, who was paid US$45 by the bosses of an insurance firm to come up with something to cheer up employees after a merger with another company produced disagreements among the staff.

7. Between 9 and 15 years of age the level of testosterone in a boy’s blood multiplies by a factor of 20.

8. 88% of white people show unconscious signs of prejudice towards those of different races in the Implicit Association Test designed by Harvard University.

9. A swarm of bees can ground a Boeing 737. 200 passengers on their way to Portugal from the UK were grounded for more than 11 hours after their plane flew into a swarm of bees

10. On the first day of filming Star Wars in the deserts of Tunisia, the country experienced its first major rainstorm in 50 years and a rest day had to be called.

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