On ruts (Rutinas)

Interesante post escrito por Garret, nuestro archiconocido planer inglés. Como siempre lo dejamos en su idioma materno. Leerlo si queréis escapar de la rutina. On ruts We all get stuck in ruts. iPod ruts, for example. I find myself listening to the same 25 songs when I have, god, about 2000 to choose from. My weeks when I’m not travelling consist of moving around a very small triangle of Barcelona: home, work, a friend’s house or two. In a creative industry, ruts can be very debilitating. How are we supposed to think differently if we do the same thing, day in, day out? Some agencies have tried to do this by hot desking, getting people to move around each day, keep their stuff in a locker at night and sit around connected via wireless internet wherever they fancy. The trouble with this is that people like their corners, they like their little cubicles with Dilbert cartoons and pictures of their cat. The trick is to get people out of their ruts so they can think differently – but still have their comfy little corner to go back to and sit in. It even works for consumers, too. The current campaign for Sainsbury’s (a UK supermarket) with the tag line “Try something new today”, developed by BBDO, is all about getting people out of ruts. Research showed that when people go to the supermarket, they tend to repeat-buy a small range of products. A real insight – when I think about my own shopping behaviour, for example, it rings completely true. The idea of the campaign was to get people out of their ruts and to, well, try something new. So you’d go to buy your carrots, and a shelf-talker would suggest: why don’t you try cooking these in honey and sesame? So you think, mmm, that sounds nice, and go to the jam-and-honey aisle, where you’d never normally go, pick up some honey and some of that nice marmalade that you liked but had forgotten about. I guess the final thought is: how do we expect to influence consumers’ behaviour if we keep doing the same thing every day? Get out of that rut. Try something new today

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